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Shop Continues, Roof Starts

We had a little trouble convincing Coke that my shop was important. Finally, JC and I just started doing it ourselves. As you can see in the pictures, some of out tools are a little on the rustic side! But we finished the digging yesterday, with a bit of help from Mr. Coke and the rotary hammer. One end of the foundation trench was mostly stone.

We've been working on my shop, getting the rough casting done on the porch, and starting the roof. The pictures show some of the rough casting work. For those not familiar with Jamaican construction technique, we first lay the block and cast the corners and decking. Rough casting is the next step, in which a layer of about one half inch of mortar is applied to the entire surface by throwing it on and the scraping it smooth with a board. To get the mortar to adhere to the cast concrete, they create a whole series of dents in the surface of the concrete by hitting it with a hatchet. The last step is called rendering, in which a mortar made with very fine sand is plastered on. On Wednesday the 31st we spent the entire day in Savanna La Mar purchasing all of the materials for the roof, and then started construction on the 1st of February. As you can see in the pictures, not all of the construction techniques would pass an OSHA inspection.

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