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Progress on Many Fronts

The size of the projects has gotten smaller, but we have more of them going at once. I have been working hard, along with the older gentleman known only as "Daddy" on creating a path up from my shop. This involved cutting through the bottom of a bamboo cluster - not work for the faint of heart!

In the meantime the electrician has been working on getting the power hooked up, and is now at the stage of running the underground main power lines into the house.

The masons have been busy in the meantime casting the floor and bench in my shop (the pipes sticking out of the front of the bench are my "anvils"), and trimming out the top and bottom of the window and door openings.

With the final masonry work on the window and door openings almost complete, we made a run today to Native Woods in Lucea, where we bought all of the cedar for the casings. Whew! Quite a week!

The 28th was very exciting, as when we arrived the power in the house was on! The living room upstairs and the shop downstairs had both been converted into window and door casing factories, and were working full blast. I spent the day continuing with my pick and shovel work, extending the path up from the shop around the back of the house. It will eventually meander up past Charlies house to where it will join the main path up the hill. The last picture today is of the big old vise I bought and installed in the shop as part of my metal working equipment. I expect to start fabricating my burglar bars next week.

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