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Lazy Days

After the excitement of the housewarming and all of the fires life has slowed back down for us. We're moving a little slower, doing a lot of planting and beginning to landscape around the house. The three hummingbird feeders that we received as housewarming gifts have been hung and we have Vervain and Mango hummingbirds as regular visitors. We found time to take our young friend Tashay to the beach, and to go to an Ettu Celebration as guests of our neighbor Beryl Spragg, better known as Auntie B.

The Ettu people are descended from a group of Nigerian Africans who came to Jamaica after emancipation, and thus are not descended from slaves. They settled in the area right around where we live, and so many of our friends here are Ettu. They have preserved many of the traditions that they brought with them from Africa, and we were treated to seeing their dance and music, and eating some of their traditional foods.

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