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Progress Continues

February was an interesting month. The weather continued to be a little wetter than usual, with far less wild fires than last year. The good news is that we have not had to spend time fighting fires or watering plants, the bad news is that the lack of fires has caused a bumper crop of "Cow Itch", a plant in the bean family that sheds nearly invisible hairs that sting when they come in contact with your skin. And the wind has carried them everywhere!

Having a working welder has gotten Tom's creative juices flowing again, and he has done quite a lot of work, finishing the Trilobite grate, building an art nouveau pot hanger for the kitchen, tiling on the porch, and working on the landscaping around the house.

JC has been doing a lot of quilting and gardening in between entertaining the local kids and painting the welded work and the porch ceiling. We've also had plenty of time to just relax and read or watch the sunsets, several of which have been of the spectacular variety.

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