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Dead Mangos

We finally have our internet problems resolved (at least for now), so here we go with the second episode of Dimocks In Jamaica! Of course things keep on growing. Our various fruit trees are bearing, keeping us in more bananas than we can eat. The oranges and coconuts are coming along, and we have started a variety of herbs and vegetables with seeds we brought down with us.

Last year we lost two of the mango trees in the back yard to either root damage or lightning, and a third very big one died over the summer. So we got a crew together and had a major dead mango removal day. Much to our delight this was accomplished with almost no damage to our plantings.

One of our long term plans is to extend the porch around the south side of the house, which will give us a little more shade and storm protection. We're doing this "Jamaican style", with a little bit getting done each year as we have money. This year we're starting the project, putting in part of the foundations.

Our contractor, Mr. Coke, saw a picture of a tiled concrete sofa in one of my mosaic books last year, and has been dying to try building one ever since. JC thought that sounded great, so we have him building one under one of our shade trees below the house. The concrete is being poured as we speak, and Tom will have to start thinking about designs for the tile real soon now.

Of course we have been up to our usual activities - quilting, putting up tile on the house, creating more stone walls, and entertaining the local kids.

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