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Harvest Time

January was a good month for crops here. We've been harvesting bananas, sour sop, okra, cucumbers, oranges, grapefruit, coconuts, gungo peas, sorrel, and some herbs, all from plants here on the property. Plantains are coming along and will be ready for harvest soon. All of the ornamental plants are thriving too, and growing at a rate that we northerners find hard to believe.

JC has been working hard on a scrap quilt, and finished the quilt top a few days ago. Tom has been working on "upholstering" the concrete sofa, using tile rather than fabric, and that project is nearing completion.

We've been getting some visitors - the Turners came down last week, and the Maras arrived a few days ago. We all went to the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, where the Doctor Birds will come and drink sugar water from your fingers.

Our partners the Laughlins are back, and are busy preparing for Jeff's 60th birthday party, with quite a few of their friends coming down for the occasion.

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