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February in Jamaica

We would have posted new pictures a while ago, but in mid-February our internet provider (Claro) shut down their network. They were bought out by Digicel, who completely botched the transition to their network. Finally last week I got tired of fighting with them and switched to their competition (LIME).

But we were not idle while we were off line. Our gardens continued to thrive under Barbara's care, even though we had no rain for over three months. Now that we're getting some rain all of the plants are going nuts!

We had several visitors from the states, and took a trip to the beautiful YS Falls with Bob and Nicelee Hollenback and Charlie and Lily Mayer. It's always hard to believe that anyplace could be that pretty.

Work on the addition to the house has continued at a fast pace, and Tom now has a new room to store all of his tile. It is wonderful to be able to see the floor again in his shop! And of course Tom has continued tiling, doing another arch on the porch and starting on the wainscoting in the bedroom. The bedroom project got going because we are expecting our new armoire to arrive any day now (Calli says "come soon mon"!) and we wanted to have the wall behind it finished. Our friend Binghi has become Tom's tiling apprentice and did quite a bit of the bedroom wall work. We also did the sponge painting in the bedroom.

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