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November 9-26, 2011

Our trip down was uneventful. As usual we were blown away by how much everything had grown during the summer rainy season. There were no hurricanes to damage the plants, and lots of rain to make them happy. We brought down a couple of new pieces of art - a spectacular reverse glass dragon by Tom's sister Anne, and a beautiful small quilt by Barbara's friend Amy Trueman. They both look great in the living room!

Tom wasted no time in starting on a tile project, this one being a large tile panel to complement the "naked ladies" grille on the front porch. We hired our friend Binghi as Tom's apprentice, which made the project move right along. It is now waiting for another trip to the tile store to get the right colors for the two remaining ladies.

JC sewed colorful new curtains for the living room windows, and is starting on a quilting project. She also has fun gardening and entertaining the neighborhood kids who come by on Saturdays.

We've had to chase our neighbor's piglets out a few times - they are not terribly harmful, but they do sometimes knock down plants while foraging for food. Snow White is our resident Cattle Egret, and spends her days carefully inspecting our plants for bugs and caterpillars.

We had a pleasant Thanksgiving with our partners Jeff and Diane Laughlin. They are both serious skiers, so they are heading back to Colorado soon for the ski season. We hope they'll be back in the spring before we leave.

That's all for now - we'll try to post some before and after pictures next time to show how unbelievably fast plants grow down here!

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