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Christmas thru January

Actually this series starts a few days before Christmas, when our cabinetmaker Callie and his wife Yvonne came to install the new doors and move the windows. Tom worked on the plumbing for the new bathroom and we called in the plumber to make the connection into the main septic line. Once the doors and windows were in and secure Tom knocked through the wall and for the first time we could get into the new rooms without going outside.

As we moved into 2014 we worked hard on getting walls painted, floors and counters tiled, and finishing up the new doorway. The toilet and sink went in, and Tom started putting glass blocks into the old window space that now is between the living room and the new bathroom. We're now doing finishing touches and waiting on Callie to build the Murphy bed that will let the sewing room do double duty as a guest room.

While all of this has been going on it has rained, and then rained some more. As I write this it is raining, as it has on 15 of the last 17 days, averaging one half inch per day! The plants are loving it, and our water tanks are full, but it sure does not feel like a dry season!

Now that the new room project is drawing to a close, Tom is looking forward to more tiling and Barbara is looking forward to sewing in her new room.

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