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2014/15 The Holidays

The holidays started with a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner with Jeff and Diane. We had planned to have a relatively contruction-free season, but that was not to be, as our electrician Junior informed us that the main cables bringing our power from the tower to the house were deteriorating and needed to be replaced. The new cables are much more robust, and we get a lot less light flickering when things turn on and off.

Our new neighbor, Lars Anderson began construction down the road from us. The most dramatic moment to date was the delivery of his 40' container that will be his storage shed. It arrived just at sunset and so they had to unload it in the dark!

Binghi and Tom have been tiling up a storm, with Binghi working on the porch beams and Tom finishing up the mastodon panel in the living room and working on the tree on the porch.

Christmas Eve brought us a nice surprise - the first time we have seen a streamer-tail hummingbird at the house! Alas no pictures, as he is very flighty and does not show up until dusk. Christmas itself was quiet and Garnett invited us to his house for a delicious Christmas dinner. The week between

Christmas and New Years was highlighted by the arrival of Calli, our cabinetmaker, to build the Murphy bed for the guest room. The project went well and we are very happy with the result. Now we just need to get it a mattress and the guest room will be ready for visitors!

We spent New Years Eve up on the hill, celebrating Tom's 66th birthday and watching the fireworks show in Negril. It looked like a pretty nice show, but our view was about the size of a postage stamp!

Wishing all a Happy New Year from Jamaica!

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