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2014 Summer in Ithaca

Yes. I know that Ithaca is not in Jamaica! But we had a very busy summer, and here is a quick summary of what we've been up to.

A local flooring place had an excellent sale on pre-finished bamboo flooring, so we decided to tackle the bottom of the stair tower. The flooring looked so good that Tom went on and finished all of the walnut trim and it really looks great. Now about that elevator...

Once the weather got a little warmer we started on the bathroom remodel. This project started out as a project to replace the tub with a walk-in shower, but in typical Dimock fashion we got almost all of the bathroom except the shower done! The shower is now on the calendar for spring 2015.

The major project for the fall was our solar array. We went to one of the SolarTompkins presentations, and decided pretty quickly to go ahead. Taitem Engineering was our contractor, and did a great job of getting it all installed before we left. I love their name, which is an acronym for Technology As If The Earth Mattered. The only thing left is for NYSE&G to approve the project and replace the meter, at which point the system will go live and should supply all of our electricity!

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