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Holidays in Jamaica

The rainy weather kept our road impassable from the day after we arrived until after New Years. Yuck. The patio project went well, and is now finished except for the tile. It's very nice back there during the afternoon out of the direct sun.

Once the patio project was done Binghi and Tom set to work on a tile backsplash behind the stove in the kitchen. The wall there had gotten very greasy, and it is pretty much impossible to get it off of a painted wall. In order to get a surface that the tile would stick to we had to first grind off the greasy paint and then chip the wall with a hatchet. This was a godawful process, filling the living room with dust. But then the tile, which was all cut, went up pretty quickly. After a thorough cleaning of the room it looks pretty good.

New Years Eve (also Tom's birthday) proved interesting, as Tom got hired on the 30th to be lead shooter for a show at the Tryall Golf Club. That went quite well and Tom is now connected with the fireworks company to do future shows.

Of course all of the usual activities - quilting, gardening, etc - continued. The plants are all growing so fast that we now spend more time trimming them back than we do planting new stuff. A couple of trees are going to have to be dropped before we leave, as they are creeping up into our view.

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