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Back in 1986 Tom & Barbara Dimock joined with their friends the Spiegel's to purchase Lot 18, Saxham in the hills of Hanover, Jamaica. It was a very rural eight acre plot, and at that time was so covered with sugar cane that it was very hard to see what it really looked like, or what the view would be. Not much happened for the next twelve years as we had neither the time nor the money to work on the place. In 1998 we began planning, and involved our friends Jeff & Diane Lauglin and Dick & Estelle Elliot in the project. Actual work on the place started in 1999 with the construction of the tower, which serves as a lockable storage room and the location of four 650 gallon cisterns to collect rain water. Over the years since then we have completed three houses on the site and a fourth is started.

In 2003 Tom & Barbara began periodic postings of pictures to the internet, and started a mail list that notifies subscribers when a new batch of pictures have been posted. To subscribe to the list, send a blank mail file to dimocks_in_jamaica-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.This section of the pyrotom.com website is the repository for those postings, which are divided into three groups: Early Days with pictures of the property before we started building, Construction with pictures of the construction of Whimsey Hall South, and Residence with pictures since we have been able to live in the house. Enjoy!