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What Was Done Since November

When we left Jamaica in November, only the lower round columns were done on the porch. I had explained what I wanted the arches to look like, and felt pretty confident that Mr. Coke, our contractor, understood what I wanted. He did a fantastic job, and they are just as I had imagined them. When we arrived at the property on January 4th, a large crew was busy finishing up the decking over the porch, the bathroom, and the closet. They ran out of water midday, and there are a couple of pictures of them hauling water in buckets up from deep in the ravine that crosses our land. My shop, which is under the porch, also got much of the work on its walls done while we were gone.

We now have to wait a couple of weeks for the concrete to cure before the bamboo supports can come out, the forms stripped, and work on the roof started. We'll use that time to work on casings for the doors and windows and getting the electrical work under way. I'll also start working on the mosaic work on the walls.

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