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Dry Season Starts

With the advent of dry season we get fires. Bill Turner was here for some of the fires last year, so this year he brought down an old Indian Pump to help fight fires. Tom has already had the chance to use it once. At this point most of the fires are burning off the "christmas grass", a grass which gets brown and dry as soon as the rains stop.

We have continued to work on our landscaping, and the paths now extend down to below the house. The next step will be to work on the paths in front of the house, putting in stone retaining walls and paving the paths with marl.

Work on the porch also continues, with JC manning the tall stepladder to paint the ceiling. Once that is complete the tiling of the walls can begin.

Dick and Estelle have been making excellent progress on their house, and we celebrated the casting of a large section of the floor slab with a feast of curried goat for the crew.

Tom finally gave up on his old welder, which had died back in December, and we made the trek all the way to Kingston at the other end of the island to buy a new welder. It is much more powerful than the old one, and Tom is happily welding, having finished the trilobite grate and started on a couple of other projects.

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