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Arrival - November 17, 2009

The flights down were problem-free, all of our luggage arrived, and David was waiting to whisk us away. The house was in generally great shape, and the gardens were incredible! Everything we had planted had grown beyond belief, and our friend Tai Jean has planted a whole lot of new and interesting plants.

The only bad news was that there had been a couple of very close lightening strikes, one of which had killed a mango tree right behind the house, and the second had completely fried our water pump, and then to add insult to injury it had exploded the septic line, water line, and electric conduit where the strike entered the earth. Two days of hard work got a new pump installed and all of the pipes fixed and life calmed back down. One advantage to bad economic times is that when you need a plumber or an electrician they show up very fast. Alas, that also means that they don't have much work. We really hope that the world economy starts picking back up soon.

We've had our contractor, Mr. Coke, finishing up the rendering (the final smooth coat of cement) on the porch ceiling, and we are hoping this is the last of the concrete work for a while. We had a delightful Thanksgiving with Jeff and Diane and some friends of theirs who were down for a visit. Now that we are pretty much through the "moving back in" stuff we're hoping to be able to start spending more time on our artistic endeavors - more on that next post!

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