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Home for the Winter 2015/16

We're back in Jamaica! We were very fortunate to arrive on the ONE day that our road has been passable for cars. The rainy season (6 inches of rain in our first three weeks), combined with our neighbors large truck has turned our lane into a muddy mess. But our property looks great and everyone has been happy to see us back in Jamaica.

Our partners Jeff and Diane Laughlin were already here, and we had a fun time with them before they left to return to Colorado for ski season. Jake Spiegel and a few of his friends came down for a week, and got four more of the rotting columns on Casa Spiegel replaced while they were here.

The biggest mistake that we all made in designing our houses here was to put porches only on the west sides. This gives us a wonderful view out to the sea, and great sunsets, but the mid to late afternoon sun is unbearably hot there. So this year Tom has started building a patio on the east side of the house where we can relax in the shade in the afternoon. The project is coming along well and should be finished by New Years.

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