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2014 Better Late Than Never

Hmm - It seems that I never sent out a final post in the spring! Well, better late than never. Binghi was just prepping the center arch of the porch when I last posted. He designed and installed that tile work and it looks great. Tom and Binghi are not the only ones tiling - we visited our gardener Tai-Jean and got to check out his great tiled table and benches.

Our caretaker Garnett has been working for years on his new block house, and the finally got to move in around the first of the year. We went over to check it out, and he has done a great job.

On the hill across behind us one of the members of the Spragg family has started building a big house. She is supposed to come over from England in December and the house is supposed to be finished by then. We'll see...

Climate change seems very real here, with the dry season being rainy and many of the bearing seasons for crops changing. The mangos came in early, much to Barbara's delight!

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