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2015 - Tiling, Quilts, and Visitors

The New Year has been fun - with no construction going on we have been able to concentrate more on our artistic projects. Tom has been working with Binghi on tiling a large expanse of porch wall, and Barbara has been working diligently on putting the borders on her autumn leaves quilt.

The plants have been growing, of course. We have had lots of bananas and a huge number of sour sops. The Century Plant behind the house has continued blooming, and just keeps getting taller.

The cold up north has chased some visitors down our way, and they all conveniently overlapped on Barbara's birthday. Bob and Jenny Stundtner came down for 5 1/2 weeks, Bob and Nicelee Hollenback managed 10 days, and Charlie and Lily Mayer were here for a week. We all met at Blue Horizon West for Barbara's birthday and had a delightful time.

Bob and Nicelee spent some time at Rhodes Hall Plantation, and then moved up to our guest room for the last three days of their visit. Bob gave the new guest room five stars!

We had Binghi bring his mini-jerk pit over and cook for us one day. That inspired Tom to get going and build us a mini-pit out of an old water pressure tank. It is done now and should get inuagurated soon!

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