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Feb 23 - Mar 25 Winding Down

We're winding down for the season. The weather has been hotter and there have been a lot more fires. In preparation for fighting the inevitable fires we installed a pressure pump in the tower. It turned out to be none too soon, as the night of 3/21 a major wild fire came over the hill, jumped to our side of the gully and came roaring up behind our houses. The work we had put in to move the wilderness back and preparing for fire fighting paid off as we only suffered a few scorched plants. The next day Mother Nature seemed to tire of fires and we had the hardest rainfall since we arrived.

Tom had been working hard with Garnett on building retaining walls and a car parking area, but the heavy rocks took their toll, and Tom's back is very sore. JC finished designing the tile for her laundry sink, so next season we'll start working on the wall in that area.

We managed to run quite a bit below budget this year, so we decided to use the leftover funds to begin work on adding a guest room to the house. It will be a number of years before we're ready to take reservations, but it is nice to see the project get started.

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