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Brad Visits

Tom's brother Brad came to visit for a week. We've been trying to get him to come for years and he finally gave in. The major activity of his visit was learning tile work. Brad quickly designed a panel of the Grand Canyon, complete with Brad in a dory on the river. It turned out fantastically - a really beautiful piece of work. Thanks Brad!

Brad is a Grand Canyon boatman, and loves to check out any river running adventure that he can. So on the last day of his visit we went to Falmouth and went rafting on the Martha Brae river. There had been a lot of rain overnight, so the river was running very muddy, and the weather for our trip was overcast and a light drizzle most of the time. This worked in our favor, as most of the usual vendors along the river stayed home making our trip very peaceful. Brad of course talked his raft captain into letting him drive the raft for a good bit of the trip, and he had a grand time.

We're hoping he had enough fun to want to come back for another visit!

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